(The following article summarizes and interview of K2 Enterprises’ Executive Vice President Randy Johnston conducted by Kacee Johnson, Owner of Blue Ocean Principles. The topic of discussion between Kacee and Randy was the upcoming Accountex conference scheduled for November 15 through November 18 at the Mirage in Las Vegas. Randy is scheduled to present two educational sessions during the event: 1) Risks and Rewards of Hosted, On-Premises, and Hybrid Solutions and 2) Cybersecurity Threat Analysis.)

Each year, thousands of accounting professionals and app developers descend on Las Vegas to embark on an annual learning event and networking experience that revolves around accounting technology. At the center of that topic, is a beacon for technology and security, the recurring attendee and speaker – Mr. Randy Johnston, Executive Vice President of K2 Enterprises. His name is synonymous with accounting tech and security, so let’s see why he goes back year after year and what he sees in the future tech landscape for accountants.

Kacee:  Your session at Accountex this year focuses on Risks and Rewards of Hosted, On-Premises, and Hybrid Solutions. Where do you think we stand as a profession in terms of cloud adoption? Where will we be in 5 years?

Randy: The profession has only adopted cloud technologies in the 10-15% range. Options, price/performance and ROI will improve over the next 5 years and we’ll see more broad adoption. I don’t expect the majority of the profession to make a move to cloud technologies until forced by the vendors.

Kacee: What is another session you are looking forward to seeing this year?

Randy: There is so much happening with both security and reporting/analytics, this is a toss-up for me. Security is no longer a “nice-to-have”, but a “must have” and will never go away or become less of a need. We’ll need to get used to dealing with security daily. On the other hand, we have much easier reporting, dashboards and business analytics tools that can help us run our businesses better. The tricks for most of us are finding the right things to measure, finding a tool that will easily measure those things and getting it implemented.

Kacee: Randy, you speak at so many different events across the country – what keeps you coming back to Accountex?

Randy: The dedicated small business consultants at Accountex are unparalleled. The ability to interact, proactively solve both client problems and the ability to do a better job of running your own business make Accountex a prime event.

Kacee: Why are in-person events still important with all of the virtual learning options out there?

Randy: Today, we can’t mime live interaction through any technology. You often learn more over a conversation during break, over a meal or at an evening event than you do in a session. Further, few people really pay attention during a virtual event since it is so easy to be distracted. I believe you learn more, faster as well as learning things you didn’t expect to learn during a live event. Recent research is beginning to show that the last 10 years of online/virtual learning is showing that the methodologies uses are not as effective as live.

Kacee: For a CPA firm, who is best suited to attend this conference?

Randy: I would send multiple people including the partner in charge of accounting services plus a few the people who deliver the services.

Kacee: If you were to give 1 piece of advice to a new attendee – what would that be?

Randy: Meet as many people as you can. Ask them what their expertise is, and ask them for their best piece of advice in their area. Since we can’t remember all of these things, record each encounter and review the new information during your travel home.

If you would like more information about Randy’s courses at Accountex or the conference in general, visit www.accountexusa.com to learn more. If you are going to register – be sure to use discount code SLEETER and you will save 20%. We hope to see you there!


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