Users of Microsoft’s popular SkyDrive service should note that the company is making changes to its pricing for the cloud-based storage service.  Existing users with access to 25 GB of free cloud-based storage space will see their free access reduced to seven gigabytes unless they log-in to the service and confirm they wish to continue receiving 25 GB of space. New users will receive 7 GB of free space, an amount that Microsoft says is sufficient to cover the “entire Office document library and share photos for several years” for 99% of users. If additional storage capacity is needed, it can be purchased; Microsoft prices an additional 20 GB of space at $10 per year, 50 GB of space at $25 per year, and 100 GB of space at $50 per year.

In addition to pricing changes for SkyDrive, Microsoft announced a number of new and improved features for the service, including:

      • Users can now drag and drop files of up to 2 GB into SkyDrive, exceeding the previous file size limit of 100 MB;
      • SkyDrive is now integrated into Windows Explorer;
      • Windows Phone and iPhone users can now access their SkyDrive data from their mobile devices; and
      • Users will need to pass through two-factor authentication to access their data from

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