Over time, you are likely to install many apps on your iPad, and you will probably want to organize these apps so that they are easy to locate and launch. To do so, consider adding folders to your Home screen and arranging the apps in folders. In this tip, you will learn how to quickly and easily add folders to help organize the apps on your iPad[1].

For example, in Figure 1, notice the presence of six folders: News, Productivity, Social, Entertainment, Business, Travel, and Finance. Each of these six folders contains multiple apps; the apps for a specific folder are available by first tapping the folder icon. Arranging apps in this fashion organizes your Home screen and allows you to quickly locate and launch any app with which you wish to work.


Figure 1 - Presence of Folders on an iPad to Manage Apps

To add folders to your Home screen, press and hold an icon for any app until all icons on the Home screen begin wiggling. With all icons on the Home screen wiggling, drag one icon on top of another that you wish to belong in the same folder. Your iPad will automatically create and name a folder for you, and the two apps related to the icons you related together will be in that folder. Now, just click and drag any other icons you wish to belong to that group into the folder. You can add up to twenty apps to any folder, and you can have up to 180 folders on your iPad.

If you wish to rename the folder, you can do so by tapping the folder while all of the icons on the Home screen are wiggling, then clicking in the folder name area, and entering your desired name for that folder. Figure 2 depicts this process.


Figure 2 - Renaming an iPad Folder

Because you are likely to install many apps on your iPad, arranging the apps in a fashion that makes it easy to find and launch them is a virtual necessity. As you now know, you can create folders on your iPad to assist you with this task.

For a video demonstration of this tip, please visit www.tinyurl.com/k2tips127.

[1] To utilize folders, your iPad must have iOS 4.2 or later installed as the operating system.