VIP mail is a new feature added with the release of iOS 6, the operating system for your iPhone and iPad. VIP mail allows you to create settings that automatically routes mail from those persons you designate as “VIPs” into a special folder in your device’s Mail app. Of course, to take advantage of this feature, you will need to set up your device first, and in this short tip, you will learn how to do just that.

Setting Up VIP Mail

Before setting up VIP mail, let us first understand why you might wish to do this. Most business professionals are flooded on a daily basis with email messages and messages from those persons most important to you – boss, team members, spouse, etc. – can easily become lost. Therefore, designating those persons as VIPs and having their mail routed to specific folder can help reduce the likelihood that you may miss an important message.

With the aforementioned in mind, setting up VIP mail is a very simple procedure. You need only to designate whom you consider a VIP on a device running iOS 6. To designate someone as a VIP, tap the blue-and-white arrow on the right side of the VIP item in All Mailboxes, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1 - Selecting VIP from All Mailboxes

As shown in Figure 2, the resulting VIP List, tap Add VIP and choose who you wish to designate as a VIP.


Figure 2 - Adding a VIP

Note that this person must already exist in your Contacts; if the individual does not exist in Contacts, exit the VIP list, add the person as a Contact, and then return to the VIP list to add them as a VIP.

Upon completing the process of adding an individual as a VIP, you will see that person’s name in your VIP list, as shown in Figure 3, and, from this point forward, all of that person’s mail will automatically appear in the VIP mailbox. It will also appear in the Inbox with a star next to it.


Figure 3 - Name Added as a VIP


You can use the VIP function in iOS 6 to help you manage the flood of email you might be receiving and help ensure that you do not miss an important message. As you have learned in this tip, setting up this feature only takes a minute or two, so be sure to take advantage of this new tool in iOS 6.

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