Better Financial and Operational Reporting with QuickBooks

Better Financial and Operational Reporting with QuickBooks

Over 4 million small businesses and their accountants use QuickBooks software, yet many struggle with getting necessary reports from this market-leading application. If you are looking to obtain better, more insightful financial and operational reports from QuickBooks software, then you should participate in this session to learn how to get the information you need, when you need it, from QuickBooks.

In this session, you will learn not only how to take full advantage of the built-in report library in QuickBooks, but also how to link many of these reports to Excel so that you can simply refresh them moving forward. In addition, you will learn how to build financial statements that consolidate data from multiple QuickBooks data files and also how to work effectively with QuickBooks Statement Writer. Further, you will learn how you can use Open Database Connectivity to create real-time links between your QuickBooks databases and desktop productivity tools such as Microsoft Office Excel and Access. In short, if you work with or support QuickBooks software, then this session is “must-see CPE!”

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this session, you should be able to:

  • Utilize QuickBooks’ built-in reports to their fullest potential
  • Export financial reports to Excel with linked data flowing into the report from QuickBooks
  • Create combined (consolidating) reports from multiple QuickBooks companies
  • Work efficiently with the QuickBooks Statement Writer
  • Construct reports that utilize Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to link data from QuickBooks into other reporting applications, including Excel
Major Topics Covered
  • Working with built-in reporting options in QuickBooks
  • Creating combined/consolidated reports in QuickBooks
  • Utilizing the QuickBooks Statement Writer
  • The advantages of Open Database Connectivity to link data from QuickBooks to other applications for reporting
Course Information

CPE Credit: Recommended for 2 hours Accounting

Instructional delivery method: QAS Self Study

Prerequisites: Fundamental understanding of basic QuickBooks operations

Program level: Intermediate

Advance preparation: None

Who should attend: Accounting and financial professionals seeking to enhance the financial and operational reports generated by QuickBooks

Cost: $79.00

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