On-site Training

K2 Delivers Technology Focused Learning Directly To Your Business

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K2 Enterprises is pleased to offer all of our seminar titles and conference sessions as on-site training opportunities for those organizations who prefer the convenience and potential cost-savings associated with this option. Additionally, we can customize on-site courses to your specifications, ensuring that your team reaps the maximum benefit from this venue.

On-site training has advantages over publicly available seminars and conferences. The seminars and conference sessions can be modified to meet the particular needs of an organization’s employees. In some situations we even develop very specialized presentations just to meet the unique needs of a particular company. Employees often feel more relaxed and are more willing to ask questions about their specific technology needs. There can also be a substantial cost savings to the company.

Because we are NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) Certified we can help you design your in-house training so that your employees will receive Continuing Professional Education credit.

Our team of nationally recognized speakers is ready and willing to help your organization realize the potential of technology. For more information, please call Pam Falconello at 1.888.542.9390 or Click here to download the Onsite Planning Guide (PDF).

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