Excel Formatting Essentials

Excel Formatting Essentials

Accounting and financial professionals often spend countless hours working with Excel, their tool of choice for so many tasks. Unfortunately, much of their time spent in Excel is wasted due to inefficient means of attempting to format documents and reports to their exacting needs and specifications. In this session, you will learn the best ways to quickly format your Excel documents so that they present a level of polish and professionalism that reflects well on you and your organization.

Key topics covered in this session include applying formats to multiple cells quickly, how to use the Accounting Format, best practices for creating underlines, how to create custom format codes and save them in multiple workbooks, and the importance of conditional formatting when analyzing data. You will also learn how to save valuable time by using Excel’s Precision as Displayed feature to globally address proverbial rounding issues in reports. In sum, by learning the techniques discussed in this session you will be able to quickly and easily create presentation-quality reports in a fraction of the amount of time formerly required.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this session, you should be able to:

  • Apply formats quickly using the Format Painter
  • Implement the Accounting Format to control the appearance of numerical data
  • Differentiate between traditional underlines and Accounting Underlines and add Accounting Underlines to Excel documents
  • Create Custom Format codes to format Excel data to specific criteria
  • Implement Custom Styles to speed the process of consistently formatting data
  • Apply Conditional Formatting to assist in analyzing data
Major Topics Covered
  • Different approaches to efficiently formatting Excel spreadsheets
  • Using the Accounting Format to quickly format numerical data
  • Understanding options for applying underlines
  • Creating and using Custom Formats and Custom Styles
  • Working with Conditional Formatting to assist with analyzing data in real-time
Course Information
  • CPE Credit: Recommended for 2 hours Computer Software & Applications
  • Instructional delivery method: QAS Self Study
  • Prerequisites: Fundamental understanding of basic Excel operations
  • Program level: Intermediate
  • Advance preparation: None
  • Who should attend: Accounting and financial professionals seeking to create and format Excel-based reports more efficiently and effectively
  • Cost: $79.00

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