K2's Top PDF Features You Should Know

K2's Top PDF Features You Should Know

Course Description

Stop struggling with PDFs! Using Adobe Acrobat, and other PDF tools, provides access to a number of features, which make working with these common files a breeze. In this course, you will learn how to use tools and features, such as PDF forms, redaction, converting PDFs to Word and Excel files, electronic signatures, creating and applying tick marks, building indices and catalogs, portfolios, and securing PDF documents, to their fullest in order to work more effectively and efficiently with PDF documents.

The popularity and usefulness of PDFs increases daily, but most PDF users have not learned how to manipulate PDF documents effectively. Accordingly, they struggle and strain with these very common files. You do not need to let this be the case. Join us in this very timely program where you will learn the top features necessary to optimize your work with PDF documents.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Reorganize and manipulate PDF documents – including applying bookmarks – to meet specific needs
  • Create and distribute PDF forms and automate the process of collecting and summarizing form response data
  • Markup and edit PDF documents and apply tick marks
  • Secure PDF documents and facilitate electronic approvals and signatures
  • Convert PDF documents to Word and Excel files
Major Topics Covered
  • Understanding licensing options for Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Creating PDF documents – the fundamentals and beyond, including integrating with Microsoft Office applications
  • Converting PDFs to editable documents using Optical Character Recognition
  • Organizing PDF files, including manipulating page settings, splitting and combining documents, adding bookmarks to PDF, working with headers and footers, and handling attachments to PDFs
  • Miscellaneous PDF techniques, including annotating and marking-up PDFs, securing PDFs, and creating PDF forms
Course Information

CPE Credit: Recommended for 4 hours Computer Software and Applications

Instructional delivery method:  Group-live demo and discussion – laptop friendly, with access to demonstration files

Prerequisites: Fundamental knowledge of basic PDF operations

Program level: Intermediate

Advance preparation: None

Who should attend: Business professionals who are seeking to become more efficient and effective when working with PDF documents

Cost: $149.00