How To Nail Your Email Marketing In 2021

How To Nail Your Email Marketing In 2021

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Nowadays, the digital marketing world is a diverse universe with a choice of many different strategies. This article should teach you how to nail your email marketing in 2021. Meanwhile, to better understand why email is so effective and how to use it to grow your business in 2021, keep reading.


Many businesses invest their time and energy solely on social media channels to connect with potential customers. In other words, although social media channels are a great way to keep in touch with your audience, there is another more efficient way. Email marketing! Above all, over 90% of people worldwide use email as a way of communication.


Whether your brand is a professional services organization, a business website, a blog, or an e-commerce shop, email is an effective digital marketing tool that will improve the relationship with current customers and attract new ones.

Why is email effective for small businesses?

Email has the potential to skyrocket your business. It’s that simple. For instance, with an effective email marketing campaign, you can create brand awareness, create vital customer service that focuses on customer experience, highlight your industry expertise, and have a great return on investment.


Therefore, here are the benefits you need to keep in mind to see whether it’s for your kind of business:


Get impressive ROI: Email marketing is a great strategy that offers a great investment return. Most importantly, to put it into numbers, for every 1 dollar you spend, you can expect 41 dollars in return. Yeah, you heard it right.


Improve customer retention: Email is one of the most effective ways to build better customer engagement. In addition, depending on your campaign, you can reach your audience whenever you want just by sending an email to their inboxes.


Establish authority: Send high-quality and informative content as often as possible. In addition, people want to have answers for their problems, and if you can provide them with valuable information about their industry, you will become an authority.


Boost conversions and sales: Email generates many billions in retail sales every year. Similarly, leverage this strategy to attract customers by adding special offers or discounts for products they searched for in the past or related ones.


Discover your customers’ needs: Email is an excellent way to understand what your potential customers want and how they react. Similarly, having personalized content for the different segments of your list can improve your conversions and help you have a more successful campaign.


You need to plan your email strategy before starting your first campaign. After that, for efficiency executing your email marketing plan, there are several steps you need to take.


Start with an email marketing plan.

Step #1: Set your email marketing goals

When it comes to email marketing campaigns, every business has unique objectives. Similarly, many factors might affect your goals, such as:

  • The size of your business
  • Your budget
  • Your email marketing experience
  • Your industry

Pro tip: Try to have number-based and data-driven goals to ensure that you are on the right track. In addition, many beginners set abstract goals. They can’t monitor their results which is a disastrous step if you want to have a successful campaign.

Step #2: Define your audience

As a marketer, you know that you can’t sell to everyone. As a result, you need to find your ideal customer and create a buyer persona that better suits your brand. Above all, your customers need to have specific characteristics to have higher chances of conversions.


Understand your ideal audience to target your email marketing efforts to most likely users to purchase your products and services.

Step #3: Start building your list

Before sending out emails, you must collect contacts to create an email list. Now that you have your goals and a target audience, you must manage email contacts.


Here are the first tactics to add to your arsenal when you start building your email list:


  • Leverage email signup forms on your website or blog
  • Include signup forms to social media pages
  • Use a strong call-to-action in your email signatures
  • Give something for free in return for their email address

Many email marketing services provide you with online builders to ensure that you have high-quality designs that convert. However, if you don’t have time to spend or are not a designer, it can be a lifesaver for your brand.


Remember that the first two steps are the foundation that will help you make this part of the process easier and ultimately increase your leads.

Step #4: Decide which emails to send

You have some contact information in your email list now, so what’s next?


It’s time to start planning the types of emails to send to your subscribers.


Depending on the type of business you are in, you will send different emails. Similarly, most companies start with a more generic welcome email that presents the values of your brand and what to expect from you in the future.


Newsletters are the next step to start building a better relationship with each subscriber. Newsletter frequency could be once or twice every month to have that consistent engagement with your audience, but it depends on you.


For example, during the holidays, you can increase the volume, add special offers or discounts, and have a more aggressive approach. Always keep data on your campaigns and change strategies if they need improvement.

Step #5: Design and craft your emails

People are visual creatures, so to have a more effective email marketing campaign, spending money and time will ensure that your message looks impressive.


Many email templates online provide a great blueprint for you to customize to your own needs. Likewise, it is essential to have a simple design with a prominent visual element and a solid call-to-action to convert your subscribers.


Whatever you choose, you should focus on resonating with your target and portraying your values as a brand. As always, test your design and change one element at a time to understand what works.

Step #6: Track the results

The last step of the process is to analyze the results of each campaign and come up with strategies to improve the outcome.


Analyzing email marketing data is vital to achieving success. Meanwhile, you must avoid wasting time on tactics that don’t bring results and instead focus your efforts where they will generate the best ROI.


You can track:

  • How many people opened your emails?
  • What did they click on?
  • Who opened which email?
  • Who opted out of your emails?

These numbers are available from your email marketing service provider, and they can help you take advantage of email marketing opportunities and get ahead of the competition.


Listed below there are some strategies that your business can implement to improve your campaigns.

How to nail your email strategies to increase your growth

Get the frequency right


Customers and subscribers need to hear from you frequently. Offer them as much value as possible with gentle reminders in their inboxes so that when they are in a buying mood, the first name that comes to their mind is yours.


It’s essential to have an email frequency that helps you remain a presence in your customers’ lives, but don’t overdo it to the point that your emails become annoying to them.


Craft compelling subject lines


Your subject line is the first element that your recipients see in their inboxes. Having a subject that can grab your subscribers’ attention is vital. For instance, with a great subject line, you will be able to communicate whatever you have to offer in your copy.


Use urgent time phrases or point out the giveaway you are about to tell them about. Your email subject line should capture their attention and make them click through to find out more.


Personalize your email messages


Email personalization is probably the most crucial factor when it comes to conversions. Sending customized messages that are relevant to each subscriber is what will get you ahead of the competition.


Segment your email lists based on demographics, past behavior, preferences and make your emails feel personal to increase your engagement rates.


For example, you can include the customer’s name and other relevant pieces of information about them to help you grab their attention.


Include social media profiles


Use your email marketing campaigns to grow your following on your social media channels with a call to action asking your audience to follow you on other platforms.


Email providers give you the option to promote your social profiles directly from your emails quickly by adding buttons at the bottom of your copy.

The takeaway on nailing email marketing

Email marketing has the potential to skyrocket your business and increase your revenue. Implementing these strategies above is the best foundation to start building your email list and a solid customer base.


Can you see why these ideas will you know how to nail your email marketing in 2021? Let me know which of these tips will you try first and how you will use email marketing in the upcoming months.


Until the next one, keep sending!


Ideas in this article come from Alex, who is a content writer at Moosend. He leaped faith in the digital marketing world from an architecture background and has never looked back. You will find him traveling in places around the world in his free time. Find out more on LinkedIn.