How to Retain Top Talent

How to Retain Top Talent

How to Retain Top Talent

How To Retain Top Talent

How to retain talent was a challenge before the COVID-19 pandemic. Talent shortages may be worse now. Losing the employees who produce the best value and sustain the business’s competitive edge is a dreadful scenario for HR managers. However, successful companies have bold talent retention strategies; their best people stay by design, not by chance. According to a study conducted by McKinsey & Company, talent is essential to the growth and success of any company.

Top talent retention strategy is a classic theme in HR. Volumes have been written about the most effective ways to keep key players from looking for greener pastures. “You need big ears,” says Jenn Saavedra, Dell’s Talent & Culture VP. However, how do you gauge your employee’s sentiment in the post-pandemic digital workplace?

The Fundamentals of Talent Retention

The golden principle for talent retention in human resource management is attention to the needs and expectations of the employees. First, design an attractive set of incentives and benefits for talent retention. Then, analyze employee needs and the ability of the organization to meet such requirements.

The most prevalent method for retaining talent is monetary remuneration for above-average performance, extended metrics, and growth.

Talent Retention in the Digital Workplace

In today’s digital workplace, talent retention has become even more important as the workplace has become more fluid and remote. Employees now have more flexibility in where and how they work and are more likely to change jobs if they feel unengaged. There have been stories of “quiet quitting” while the employee is still on your payroll.

Organizations that invest in talent retention help to keep their best employees engaged and invested in the company’s success.

The Real Cost of Top Talent Turnover

Losing your top performers goes way beyond the cost of their replacement. Likewise, the consequences of top employees leaving the workplace go far beyond a drop in output, productivity, and quality.

When an employee decides to leave, it often comes as a surprise to the company. Further, losing a person leaves an unplanned gap in the team. Suddenly, there is much more work for the rest of the group. Additionally, the company must scramble to find a replacement. There are additional costs in recruitment and hiring.

The costs associated with this disruption can be significant. On top of that, losing top talent can also damage the company’s culture.

Four Best Practices for Retaining Top Talent in the Digital Workplace

Now more than ever, businesses must have a strategy to keep their top talent engaged. Companies should focus on providing new and exciting challenges and creating a positive work environment to retain top talent. Below are four practices that can help retain top talent in the digital workplace.

1. One-on-One Conversational Meetings

One-on-one meetings are essential for nurturing and sustaining a balanced digital workplace. They are the most direct way to assess work climate without a shared physical environment. These one-on-one meetings should not be transactional but conversational.

Management shouldn’t use one-on-one meetings to promote compliance but to understand the employee’s circumstances and identify problems and areas of opportunity.

2. Digital Workplace Environment Analytics

Digital workplace environment analytics can help provide an overview of employee sentiment, deliver actionable data, and offer a view into the challenges faced by the organization’s employees.

Analytics will help your company keep track of engagement scores and other metrics that can show if an employee is unhappy or not engaged. Once you see that an employee is disengaged, you can consider how to retain them.

3. Sponsor the Professional Growth of Your Top Talent

Finding ways to keep your top performers engaged in their work and feel like their skills are growing is critical to retaining them long-term. An excellent way to do this is to support their professional development.

One of the best ways to retain top talent is to invest in their professional growth. You can do this by offering training and coaching, sponsoring conferences and seminars, offering books with your company’s flex account, or enrolling them in
coding boot camps like Thinkful, Springboard, App Academy, and General Assembly.

4. Provide Meaningful Rewards and Recognition

Rewards and recognition don’t have to be something expensive or extravagant. They can be as simple as saying “thank you” or writing employees’ names on the wall for a well-done job. According to Deskera, showing appreciation is one of the significant ways to retain talent.

Make it a priority to recognize employees for their hard work and contributions. Make sure you’re offering recognition that is meaningful to your employees. You can also offer rewards for employees to build motivation and engagement.


In today’s highly competitive job market, it’s more important than ever for organizations to retain top talent. Retaining talented employees can be challenging, especially for organizations with a digital workforce.

We are living in a fast-paced world where change happens at lightning speed. The digital workplace is no different, and it is a constantly evolving landscape. To retain top talent in this ever-changing setting, employers must keep their employees engaged and motivated through the best practices.


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