Prepare For An Economic Boom

Prepare For An Economic Boom

Cash Flow is critical in an economic boom

Should you help clients prepare for an economic boom or act yourself? Do you expect to see trade increase in a post-COVID-19 world? Will activity and consumer confidence rise enough that both restaurant and retail sales show recovery? If the 9.8% increase in March 2021 is any indication, think yes. It seems that employment, retail spending, and manufacturing are all exhibiting solid gains. Vaccinations offer light at the end of the tunnel.  Meanwhile, there is great hope that the end of the pandemic is approaching. With this in mind, businesses need to prepare for a boom in trade in a post-COVID-19 world. Certainly, companies should take full advantage of any economic improvements. How can your company plan for a return to active trade in a post-pandemic world?

Prepare and Plan with your Accountant for a Boom in Trade

Although uncertainties do remain, the overall economic outlook is brighter. Most importantly, putting measures into place now can ease the transition from restrictions. After that, converting from government help to a self-supporting, thriving business once again will take active management. In other words, can you prepare your business for an increase in trade after the effects of the pandemic have eased?

Your accountant will understand your business and the industry in which you operate. In addition, accountants can help you plan for the short-term and long-term future. They will develop the cash flow and sales forecasts underpinning your decisions.  Above all, wise plans allow you to proceed with confidence in a post-coronavirus world.

A professional accountant is a crucial partner for any business owner. They will save you time and money in the long run. In addition, they provide a reliable source of support that helps you build your business up again.

Harness the Power of Technology

Management accounting software allows you to keep an eye on cash flow, create comprehensive budgets and cash flow forecasts. After that, you can view the general state of your business at the touch of a button. Review your options at AccountingSoftwareWorld.


You can grant access to your software to your accountant. After that, you can benefit from their professional opinion and insight. Above all, you will make both day-to-day and long-term strategic decisions with more confidence as your trade volumes start to boom.

Access to Funding for an Economic Boom

Additional sales may require additional funding to meet the sudden increase in demand. Alternative finance can be of enormous value in this respect. It is typically more flexible and quicker to access than a business bank loan and can sustain your business over the long term.


  • If you are a credit-based business, invoice finance or factoring uses the value of your invoices to generate funding. You may also be able to hand over your credit control function to the financier. You can focus on steering your business forward.
  • Retail businesses that take card payments can also benefit from alternative funding called merchant cash advances. Cash advances provide funds based on the value of the card sales. Getting cash advances offers vital support to business growth.
  • Asset-based businesses can leverage the value of their hard assets to generate a cash lump sum and still use the asset as before. This cash input can fund the extra workforce or materials needed to meet additional post-COVID-19 demand.

Strong Supply Chains

Building resilience within your supply chain is crucial. To prepare for an economic boom, planning to deal with supply chain shortages during a boom in trade is wise. For instance, if you rely on a single supplier, consider how you would prevent a disruption in supply from damaging your business.


Along with your accountant, you should map out your supply chain to see where it may need reinforcing, identify any risks, and mitigate them as necessary. You could locate potential alternative sources of supply. Most importantly, you will not lose customers due to missing components or late deliveries.


Emerging from the pandemic as a stronger, more streamlined business requires careful planning and preparation. If you do not currently use professional accounting services, look for a new accountant who is reliable and specializes in your field. Check for credentials from the AICPA or CPA Canada. Understand the accountant’s qualifications, working practices, and specialties. Consider vendor directories if you need specific help with QuickBooks or Xero. If you are an accountant acting in an advisory role, make sure you assist current clients. Proactively market your planning and cash flow services to prospective businesses.


Attend CPE courses and conferences in person or online to learn more about planning, cash flow and budgeting.