BQE Software announced a new cloud-based project management and billing solution, BQE Core.

For today’s Accounting/Finance professionals, the demand for services can be elastic, ebbing and flowing with seasonal patterns and the unpredictable movement of the economy; clients request changes that require the revision of existing contracts; and the sheer variety of the tasks expected of any modern professional services firm make billing and project management a nightmare. Given the logistical challenges of simply running a firm efficiently, time itself can come to seem a scarce resource.

The BQE Core modern project management tool puts time, agility and control back into hands of architects, engineers, accountants, lawyers, and consultants. Some notable features include:

  • Data-rich ‘Performance’ tab utilized for employee and client performance
  • Data entry in numerous customizable forms
  • Universal banking supporting any financial institution, globally
  • Unlimited mailing address listings per user
  • Multiple contact info fields (Phone, Email, Mobile, Skype ID, Whatsapp etc.) with preference prioritization capabilities.

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