K2's Implementing Internal Controls in QuickBooks Environments

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K2's Implementing Internal Controls in QuickBooks Environments

The QuickBooks ecosystem of accounting tools remains the most widely-used set of accounting applications in use by small businesses, yet many of these organizations struggle because of inadequate internal controls. In this seminar, you will learn options for how you can improve internal controls in small businesses running QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, or Online.

Through participating in this program, you will learn the importance of maintaining a strong system of internal controls in a small business environment, including businesses using QuickBooks accounting solutions. You will also learn about the four common types of internal controls and how to assess the relative condition of the internal control structure of a small business. With this background in place, the focus then shifts to discovering the opportunities to enhance controls in small businesses using QuickBooks.  In addition, you will learn about supplemental procedures for situations where effective controls cannot otherwise be established. In sum, while many believe that QuickBooks-based organizations are destined for weak internal control structures, by participating in this program you will learn how QuickBooks-based businesses can benefit from a strong system of internal controls.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this session, you should be able to:

  • Identify the importance of internal controls in small businesses, including those running QuickBooks
  • List four common types of internal controls and provide examples of each
  • Assess the relative strength or weaknesses of a QuickBooks-based organization’s internal control structure
  • Create and implement effective internal controls using tools and features found in various editions of QuickBooks
Major Topics Covered
  • QuickBooks and the Fundamentals of Small Business Internal Controls
  • Implementing Effective Preventive Internal Controls in QuickBooks
  • Detecting Issues using Internal Controls
  • The Value of Compensating Controls in a QuickBooks Environment 
Course Information

CPE Credit: Recommended for 4 hours Auditing

Instructional delivery method: QAS On-demand

Prerequisites: Fundamental knowledge of internal controls and QuickBooks solutions

Program level: Intermediate

Advance preparation: None

Who should attend: Accountants and other business professionals who want to improve internal controls in QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online environments

Cost: $129.00

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