Five Tech Careers That Will Boom in the Next Decade

Five Tech Careers That Will Boom in the Next Decade

Five Tech Careers That Will Boom in the Next Decade

Five Tech Careers That Will Boom in the Next Decade

The job market is constantly evolving. Most importantly, if the pandemic years have taught us anything, having opportunities and stability in our jobs is essential. Above all, if you are planning to make a career transition or just starting, look at the five tech careers that will boom in the next decade. It may be to your best advantage to select a profession that is anticipated to develop despite evolving technology, global calamities, and shifting work trends. In short, healthcare, accounting, and technology are professions that fit those needs.

Meanwhile, use this list for insight into the five fastest-rising tech jobs of the next decade and future-proof your career. Below are the five tech careers that will boom in the next decade.

The Most In-Demand Tech Careers That Will Boom

Over the last few decades, information technology has significantly impacted the job market. Subsequently, technology invents new jobs, redefines old ones, or replaces them. As a result, technology sparked the digital transformation of businesses across practically every area, from finance & accounting to healthcare.

However, as the need for a tech-savvy workforce outpaced existing resources, the IT industry looked to digital innovation to fill the gap. As a result of recent breakthroughs in IoT, automation, and machine learning, some occupations were created due to prior improvements becoming outdated.

However, not all occupations are in jeopardy. Most will remain vital because they rely on human skills to enable IT breakthroughs. Here are five IT careers that will continue to be in demand in the future and are on the lookout for professionals with the right skills to fill the employment gaps.

1. Database Administrator

A database administrator is responsible for creating databases with perfection. To store and manage data, these highly skilled personnel employ sophisticated software. Planning, installation, configuration, design, and migration are essential tasks. The average salary is $98,860.

2. Information Security Analyst

As criminals get more sophisticated, concerns about security breaches are growing. Information security analysts research and implement the finest security solutions to secure a company’s networks and systems. In addition, these professionals keep systems up to date by updating software and advising management on security changes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary is $103,590.

3. IT Manager

With the rise of digital workplaces, IT managers are in high demand. These professionals oversee coordinating all computer-related activities for a company. Recommending software and hardware, safeguarding networks, and looking into new technologies are just a few of the critical roles. The average annual salary is $151,150.

4. Computer Systems Analyst

A computer systems analyst assists companies in making efficient and effective use of computer technology. Computer systems analysts, often known as systems architects, provide technological suggestions, examine existing computer systems, and propose more efficient alternatives. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage in this field is $93,730, which is lower than some other IT careers, but there are 54,400 anticipated jobs available.

5. Software Developer

A software developer has the most significant predicted new job growth with median compensation of $110,140. It is a safe bet in the tech industry. These programmers must be creative and technical to write new code, correct software faults, and find solutions to old applications. Some programmers specialize in a particular area of computing, while others work as generalists who produce code for various applications.

Conclusion: Is Tech Right for You?

Above, we have listed the five tech careers that will boom in the next decade. However, to ensure you thrive in one of the mentioned jobs, you must obtain proper training. Consider joining an online boot camp or getting an online degree. Additionally, you must consider your personality and work attitude and match it with the job descriptions of these occupations.

In short, if you want to work in a constantly evolving field, full of discoveries and opportunities, where you’ll never be bored and have a chance to make a difference, then a job in the tech field may be right for you. Above all, thanks to technology, you’ll be right in the middle of growth and disruption. In conclusion, it will require a lot of effort, but you’ll be successful if you’re willing to adapt and learn.


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