Featured Technology Providers From K2

K2 Enterprises Featured Technology Providers

What does it take to be a “featured technology provider? As a leader in technology-focused education, K2 Enterprises scours the market, searching for leading-edge solutions and the companies. During this process, we routinely analyze the solutions from hundreds of technology providers. In some cases, the solutions offered are simply not yet ready for “prime time.” In others, the solutions are ill-conceived, designed poorly, or are too unstable.  Only a small number of the solutions we review and the companies we analyze merit the superlative of “featured technology.”

What Does It Take To Be A Featured Technology Provider?

As a service to the profession, we believe it appropriate to recognize these featured technology providers and their solutions. In fact, below you will see a listing of companies that rise to our standard of a featured technology provider. We selected each of these companies based on their own merits. Following are the factors considered in their selection.

  • Management’s vision and the ability to execute on that vision.
  • The quality of the product/services offered by the organization.
  • The relative value proposition that their products/services provide to customers and clients.
  • Customer service responsiveness and pro-active approaches to heading-off problems before they materialize.

To learn more about each company listed, click on the logos shown below. Upon doing so, you will navigate to a dedicated page for that company. There you can learn more about the products and services that featured technology provider offers. Additionally, please return often to this page, as we update it continually based on changes in the market.  Further, as you participate in a K2 Enterprises training session, you may notice that we often incorporate products and services from these companies into demonstrations in our events. We do this to provide you with “real-world” examples of how the solutions provided by these featured technology providers can help business professionals become more effective and efficient.

Thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to learn more about our featured technology providers and the products and services they offer. We trust that you will find this information useful.

Learn More About K2's Featured Technology Providers

Ace Cloud Hosting is a Pompano Beach, Florida-based hosting provider that focuses on providing hosting services into the accounting industry. Founded in 2004, the company has expanded and improved its service offering beyond simply hosting applications such as QuickBooks into more sophisticated offerings such as private server hosting. Click here to continue reading about Ace Cloud Hosting. 

Doc.It provides an integrated suite of applications designed to assist public accounting firms in managing the ever-increasing volume of documents under their control and the workflows associated with these documents. Founded in 2001, the company serves firms of all sizes throughout North America. Click here to continue reading about Doc.It.


XCM works with organizations to reduce turnaround times on client deliverables, such as tax returns, client accounting services, and audit engagements. As a result, XCM claims it can deliver a 500% return on their investment! XCM can benefit organizations who need to decrease business process timeframes by streamlining work routing to address bottlenecks, improve visibility across projects, and reduce the risk of costly errors. Click here to continue reading about XCM.

Zoho has been developing and delivering business-oriented, Cloud-based solutions for over a decade. This privately-owned organization has approximately 3,500 team members. The company does not rely on outside investments, helping the organization to focus on delivering solutions instead of investor demands. Key among the company’s corporate values are a commitment to investing in R&D and customer service. Click here to continue reading about Zoho.