Career Advice for Women

Career Advice for Women

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As women, we often feel the weight of everything that rides on our career choices. Certainly, this career advice for women could apply to everyone. Meanwhile, we may feel like we’d be letting ourselves or our families down if we took more risks. However, many women have more obligations outside the office than men. On the other hand, you owe it to yourself to take control of your career direction. When you realize you’re stuck in a rut, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate and explore your options for moving forward. These tips are a follow-up to our earlier article on the Ultimate Self-Care Tips for Female Business Owners.

Where Should You Go from Here? Branching Out on Your Own Is Good Career Advice

One solution for getting out of a career rut is to start your own business. Some women start a business because they don’t see any opportunities for advancement in their current position. Therefore, they create their own opportunities by marketing their skills on their own. Others choose to turn a hobby into a business. In other words, to find a sense of fulfillment they don’t get from their job they leverage their passion. As accounting professionals, it would be common to exit an existing public practice firm to create your own firm. Tools to support the practice of accounting don’t require major investments today. Similarly, you could use your accounting skills and knowledge to run businesses of almost any kind. Zoho One could be a complete system for a variety of small business startups.


Have you considered starting your own business? Entrepreneurialism is an amazing way to breathe new life into your career. Maybe you have a skill you’re ready to provide as an outsourced CFO service. There may be other Advisory services that you can effectively provide independently. Similarly, it may be time to turn your pastime into a profitable venture. Whether you bake amazing pastries, want to flip houses, or are a marketing genius, branching out on your own might be the solution you seek.


When learning how to start a business, the key is to organize correctly, which begins with structuring your business. Many entrepreneurs prefer an LLC (limited liability company) for the protection it provides, plus it can grow with your company. Moreover, you can complete your LLC registration simply and affordably by going through an online service. With your structure decided, you’ll be ready to develop a budget and business plan — two other essentials for a solid foundation. Companies like Palo Alto have tools including Live Plan and Bplans to help with both. Further, you may determine that Palo Alto’s Advisory service program is something you could provide to clients. Other budgeting tools can be found on Accounting Software World.

Finding New Opportunities Can Improve Career Prospects for Women

Starting your own business is one way to improve your career prospects, but it isn’t the only way to take matters into your own hands. When you aren’t where you want to be, consider whether you can take actions that will help you move up, or even over, in your field. Is there a skill you need to develop? If so, look for ways to volunteer or ask for opportunities to develop the skills you need. Do you see a solution for something that’s holding your company back? If so, The Ladders notes you may be able to create your own position by being a problem-solver.


In some cases, the new opportunity you’re looking for may require changing careers entirely. If another career is calling your name, don’t let fear stop you! Take the advice of these women who tell The Everygirl how they changed careers successfully. One of the best things you can do is lean on your network, both within your current field and outside it. Even if changing careers takes some time, go ahead and start working toward that change now.

No Matter What…

Don’t Wait!

Whether you decide to start a business, reach for a promotion, or switch gears entirely, the best thing you can do is go for it now! Successful female entrepreneurs understand how important it is to go ahead and make that move. Don’t wait for the perfect time or for everything to fall into place. If you wait, you’re essentially putting your future on hold.


Start with What You Know

Sometimes when you feel stuck, you’re overlooking what you have accomplished. When you recognize your accomplishments, you can see the progress you’ve made and where your talents lie. Doing this gives you a renewed sense of confidence. Recognizing your accomplishments also helps you see what skills you can build on to move forward.


Keep Connecting

A strong support network is imperative throughout your career, regardless of what direction you take. What’s more, sometimes your connections can open doors you didn’t even know existed.

Hitting a point where you feel stuck in your career can happen to anyone. You may feel like you’re at a standstill, unsure of how to reach your goals. Or, maybe you went into a career you thought was perfect, but now you feel like something is missing. Whatever the reason, you can act today with this career advice for women to get unstuck and start moving in the right direction.

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Another way to build a strong support network is to become involved with your CPA Society. Attend CPE courses and conferences in person to network with others. Consider other articles on Launching a Company Rejuvenates Your Career or Tips for Starting a Home Based Business.

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