QuickBooks Online Usage Limits Changing

QuickBooks Online Usage Limits Changing

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online usage limits are changing – and in a BIG way! Intuit, Inc. announced that subscribers to QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus will see significant changes in their subscriptions, beginning in March 2019. Specifically, Intuit is putting into place the following changes to usage limits in QuickBooks Online.

First, Intuit is limiting the number of items in the Chart of Accounts to 250. This means that no more than 250 accounts and sub-accounts combined can exist in the Chart of Accounts.

Second, Intuit is limiting the number of Classes and Locations to 40. For this change, it is important to note that the limit is imposed on the combined number of Classes and Locations.

Intuit indicated that if you (or your client) exceed the new limits, QuickBooks Online will continue to operate normally. However, you will not be able to add items to the list that is above the newly-revised capacity. Further, when considering the number of items in a list, previously deleted or deactivated items will not count toward the usage limits.

Intuit will begin contacting subscribers soon, notifying them of the new usage limits. The new usage limits will begin going into effect in March and will roll out during 2019.

Why These Changes are Being iMplemented

These changes come as Intuit prepares widespread deployment of QuickBooks Online Advanced. QuickBooks Online Advanced targets companies with greater needs than Simple Start, Essentials, or Plus. The usage limits outlined above provide greater distinction between the various subscription options for QuickBooks Online.  For example, QuickBooks Online Advanced provides the following:

  • Up to twenty-five paid users and each user can have customized roles and permissions established. Additionally, a company can have an unlimited number of reporting and time- tracking users.
  • Unlimited capacity in the Chart of Accounts List.
  • Unlimited capacity in the Classes and Locations List.
  • Capabilities to allow companies to import invoices.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities, including dashboards and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Priority technical support.

For more information on QuickBooks Online, including the new usage limits, click here.

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  1. $60/month for Plus is bad enough but many ordinary small businesses, even with only one user, who need a “normal” number of classes and locations, especially in real estate, cannot afford the $150/month being charged for Advanced when all they need is enough classes to cover their properties. It stinks of pure unadulterated greed on the part of Intuit

    1. Tommy Stephens

      Thanks for your comment. Like you, I’m willing to pay a fair price for the products and services I consume. The question is “what is fair.” QBO currently provides 40 classes/locations in its “non-Advanced” subscriptions. The new Advanced subscription will provide an unlimited number of classes. Remember, if you have over 40 classes, you don’t have to upgrade — you just won’t be able to add new classes unless you do upgrade. I guess if the subscription fee associated with the new Advanced subscription is deemed to high by an individual, they can always “vote with their feet” and look for an alternative solution.

  2. I do NOT want to be forced into upgrading to ADVANCED platform of QB Online.
    Yes, I do have too many COA numbers but I am working to improve that significantly. The original message, as I understood it was that if you did exceed the limit for COA numbers, you would be grandfathered in.
    I have ZERO interest in upgrading.
    Is there someone of authority that I may speak to? We are a non-profit orginization, we must be good stewards with the money entrusted to us. I cannot justify any increase in QB Online . Sincerely, LeslieAnn Director of Finance

    1. Tommy Stephens
      Thanks for your comment LeslieAnn. Keep in mind that according to Intuit, you will be able to continue to use your existing subscription even if you are over the new limits, you just won’t be able to add any new items. Thus, with the Chart of Accounts List limit being 250, you won’t be able to add any new accounts if you are already over that limit. I encourage you to read Intuit’s announcement at https://quickbooks.intuit.com/community/Help-Articles/What-are-usage-limits-in-QuickBooks-Online/m-p/228520 for more details. Hope that is helpful to you.

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