5 Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

5 Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Entreprenuers benefit from habits

The life of a successful entrepreneur may feel like an imaginary and unreachable world, especially during and after COVID. However, success is built by following the 5 daily habits of successful entrepreneurs.

Many entrepreneurs started off small. In addition, they were making minor adjustments to their daily lives and their businesses until they could take bigger calculated risks that ultimately resulted in success. It’s a commonly held perception that these individuals hit it big one day and made millions overnight, either through luck or brilliance.

It can be tough to start a habit from scratch and stick with it over time. These inspiring individuals have modeled the power of building 10 good daily habits and have provided tips regarding how to do each well. Read on to learn some life-changing habits that you can start implementing into your own life. On the other hand, you can skip down to Thimble’s infographic illustrating these habits.

1. Start Each Day With Exercise

We know that exercise is good for our bodies, but don’t do it. In other words, we often neglect the benefit of exercise to our minds in the middle of a workday. Above all, studies show that the areas of the brain that oversee thinking and memory tend to be larger in those who exercise than those who don’t.

Several entrepreneurs, including CEO of Artitudes Design Andrea Heuston, include an exercise routine every morning. Heuston explains, “my best ideas come to me when I exercise.” Likewise, even if you can’t fit an entire exercise routine into your mornings, consider going for a walk or riding your bike to work in the morning.

2. Read Regularly

It’s common for busy people to leave reading for vacation, if at all. However, some of the world’s most successful people, including Warren Buffet, dedicate huge portions of their day to reading. This habit allows you to accumulate knowledge about your industry and the world at large. Above all, reading helps you start the day feeling refreshed and mentally stimulated.

Where can you find reading time? First, consider the time you spend watching television. Second, consider time spend on social media. Third, consider your commute time. If you are on public transit or in an airplane, you have an opportunity to read.

3. Unplug

When you’re making quick decisions left and right, it can be easy to experience cognitive overload and start to make poor decisions. Take time away from the pressure, pace, and the technology. Build a quiet space in your time each day. If you start your day with reading and exercise, perhaps having lunch without technology or a meeting would be wise. Others prefer to be unplugged late in the evening. You will sleep better by avoiding the blue light exposure from television, tablets, or mobile devices.

Efficiency experts have recommended listing your primary tasks for the next day before heading to bed. A quiet time unplugged may be just the ticket for this. This process also helps with habit five below.

A wise mentor to me took Wednesday through Sunday off every six weeks. Why? “You need to get away from everything and clear your head!”

Alternatively, meditation is a self-care practice that’s all about staying grounded. Similarly, you are in the moment, regaining focus and moving forward with clarity. If you’re skeptical about the power of meditation, check out the studies that have linked mindfulness training to improvement in memory and executive functioning.

Founder of Athlete Desk Darryl Higgins claims that meditating every morning helps him relax, multitask and keep his business operating smoothly.

4. Read the News and Trade Publications

Entrepreneurs do a lot to ensure that their business’ internal operations are functioning smoothly. Still, many external factors can make or break a company’s long-term success. In the accounting profession, both regulations and current events can impact business.

By staying up-to-date on current events, entrepreneurs prepare for competition, economic turmoil, and industry developments that could otherwise be detrimental. For example, CEO of Caspian Agency Heather Mason reads her industry’s trade publications every morning to stay current with important trends.

5. Make a Plan For Tomorrow

Most habits are best completed in the morning. Therefore, you want to devote your mornings to prepare for the day ahead of you. Many entrepreneurs, including the owner of The Dog Adventure, Peter Schoeman, organize their thoughts and make a checklist for the following day on a nightly basis. Above all, creating a list will take significant stress off your shoulders when it’s time to focus again in the morning.

Your daily action plan should be aligned with your overall business goals. You need to plan for your success whether that is in service and product sales or people management.

Infographic of 10 Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

10 Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs
Image Credit to https://www.thimble.com


Success requires patience and diligence. These 5 daily habits of successful entrepreneurs are a good starting place. Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping for a win, start building the habits that have proven successful today.